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Why Smooth Solar

At Smooth Solar Power, We believe in making our world eco-friendly. We deliver our customers the most efficient solar products in the market.

Save Your hard earned money Big time on utility bills and let the sun pay your bills. Save your money, Save our planet, Lets go solar.

Happy Customers:

$ 100,000 +
Saved in Utlity Bills

3 years in
Business & Counting

What Makes Smooth Solar Different?

We care for you and our planet. We are not only saving you $$$$ on BILLS But also promoting eco-friendly electricity.

We are on a mission to inspire the world and make going solar fun, and at the same time, provide you with a smooth and educational experience. We take a lot of pride in offering good insight, and we firmly believe that enough knowledge leads to a confident decision.

Efficient Panels

We use the most efficient solar panels in our installations, improving the output of the overall installation.
We ensure that our customers get the best quality solar panel installation with the highest efficiency rates.

High Quality Inverter

Your Solar panels produce DC & inverter(s) to convert the power to usable electricity for your home.
We use solar optimizers or micro inverters that keep the system producing electricity, even if your solar module stops working.

Equipment Warranty

All equipment used in our residential and commercial solar installation is backed with 25 years warranty.

✅ 25 year roof penetration warranty

*with new roof only

✅ 25 year manufacture warranty

✅ 25 year workmanship warranty

✅ 25 year inverter warranty

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$0 Down Payment
On Residential & Commercial intallations

We offer complete residential solar installation and Commercial solar installation services at $0 Down Payment.

We own the process from start to finish. Our team is experienced at design, assembly and installation.  

Cash Purchase

Buy solar panels outright and see instant savings on your power bill.

$0 Down Loan

Finance your purchase with an affordable monthly payment

$0 Down Lease/ PPA

Lease solar panels for no money down and get solar production or Opt in for Pay for power package.

Our Happy Customers are saving BIG TIME!

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